Redesign for Degenhardt Consulting


Often a website doesn’t quite represent a company in the best light. Take Degenhardt Consulting an executive search firm which is owned by my good friend Carri Degenhardt Burke. Degenhardt Consulting’s original website was created using a hosting package from a company that provided “templates” for small business. Seemed like a good option at first, since web designers can be very expensive, but templates often have a few caveats:

  • Flat files aren’t content management systems, and therefore aren’t easy to update, unless you know code. And what small business owner knows how to code?
  • They are limited in color, layout and design.
  • Over the long run, hosting/design packages are more expensive than CMS (free software + inexpensive hosting).
  • You are designing your website on their server – which means you may not be able to export your website to another server (you can lose all of your files).
  • Oh, and the templates… well they aren’t always pretty.

All this to say, Degenhardt Consulting’s original site looked like this:

It had basic information, but it was difficult to navigate. Carri couldn’t update it easily, so updates were infrequent, and she had no social media integration. A no-no given the nature of her business (Executive Recruiting).


Once we determined that the best site for Degenhardt Consulting and it’s employees would be a WordPress CMS choosing a design was simple. Degenhardt needed a website that had an eye-catching, compelling and interactive front end, yet the backend needed to be easy to update. Carri also writes a number of articles every year, and those articles needed to be included on the website. As well, each of her employees needed their own pages, that were integrated with specific social media options since each employee communicated with their clients using different tools.

The results were stunning (they can be seen at Degenhardt Consulting), and with traffic reporting Carri can now see how her website visitors (potential clients) interact with her site. Visit My Portfolio to see more images of Degenhardt Consulting’s redesign.

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