Redesigning a Website for SEO Visibility

A few months ago, I met a personal trainer who said he had a problem with his website: His site lacked visibility.

When I typed in his URL I found three problems:

  1. His Domain Name was Too Long:
  2. It was Poorly Laid Out: Though a designer had worked on it – the site was too busy.
  3. It was in Flash: This meant most of the visitors to his site on hand-held devices wouldn’t be able to access his site.

In order to improve his SEO:

  1. I told him to shorten his domain name to It’s a little shorter, and it references him. People will wonder just how Adam will empower.
  2. I designed the site using WordPress removing all of the Flash elements.
  3. I linked his site to Twitter and Facebook, and encouraged Adam to create a Yelp listing so clients could write reviews.
  4. I also offered Adam a clean, and streamlined design.

Here is Adam’s previous site designed using

The original Specialties page:

And this is his new website:

The new Specialties page:

Adam is pleased with his new site, and as long as he keeps up his blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts, he should achieve the SEO he seeks.

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