A School Website Redesign

In July a good acquaintance approached me regarding a large task: he needed a website redesign for a non-profit institution. LaSalle Academy, founded in 1848, is a small private school located in Manhattan, and has a mission of educating young men of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds with special out-reach to those most in need. The idea of doing a redesign for a private institution with such a long history and a wonderful mission was exciting – and I was thrilled to help.

Here is what the site looked like before:

Initially, I had agreed to do the design within the framework of their existing learning community management system. LaSalle’s original design had been created using it and it seemed at first that might be the most seamless transition for LaSalle.

Yet during the initial stages of design it became clear that learning community management system’s design tools didn’t support jquery, or ajax (only Flash) which made it impossible to build a dynamic site which would be viewable on all mobile devices. After a few phone calls, I figured out a way to have LaSalle’s landing site be a WordPress site, and I created the illusion of a backend site supported by Edline. Essentially, I built two sites for LaSalle: The first (external WordPress site) was for information that students, administration and general site visitors could access. The second site: the Edline site, would have login access from the main website. The result was a site that was clean, attractive, and provided full functionality.

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