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A School Website Redesign

In July a good acquaintance approached me regarding a large task: he needed a website redesign for a non-profit institution. LaSalle Academy, founded in 1848, is a small private school located in Manhattan, and has a mission of educating young men of diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds with special out-reach to those most in need. The idea of doing a redesign for a private institution with such a long history and a wonderful mission was exciting – and I was thrilled to help. Here is what the site looked like... Read The Rest →

Redesigning a Website for SEO Visibility

A few months ago, I met a personal trainer who said he had a problem with his website: His site lacked visibility. When I typed in his URL I found three problems: His Domain Name was Too Long: www.empoweredthroughfitness.com. It was Poorly Laid Out: Though a designer had worked on it – the site was too busy. It was in Flash: This meant most of the visitors to his site on hand-held devices wouldn’t be able to access his site. In order to improve his SEO: I told him to... Read The Rest →

A Redesign for Herman Daniels, MD

Confession: My father’s website was the first business website I designed. Dad (Herman Daniels, MD) is a Bariatrician and has a successful weight loss practice in the Washington, DC area. At the time, he had been abandoned by his web designer, and he needed a new website desperately, and I needed the practice as a new designer. So I took a few days, and put something together. This was the result:   Not a bad looking site, but definitely the work of a beginner. Though the site was successful in... Read The Rest →

Redesign for Degenhardt Consulting

Story: Often a website doesn’t quite represent a company in the best light. Take Degenhardt Consulting an executive search firm which is owned by my good friend Carri Degenhardt Burke. Degenhardt Consulting’s original website was created using a hosting package from a company that provided “templates” for small business. Seemed like a good option at first, since web designers can be very expensive, but templates often have a few caveats: Flat files aren’t content management systems, and therefore aren’t easy to update, unless you know code. And what small business... Read The Rest →

Website Redesign for Picsfilms

I’m very excited to announce that I’m doing a website redesign for Picsfilms.com! Picsfilms (owned by Matthew G. Piccolo) was one of my very first clients last year, so I’m happy that I’ve been given the chance to make a few cosmetic changes to my original design. As well Picsfilms is switching over from the all inclusive Squarespace.com hosting and design package, to a more customizable WordPress option. I’ll write more soon on why I believe Squarespace is an ok option, but not the best option in the long run... Read The Rest →